Volunteer Engagement Video

Volunteer Engagement Video Spent the day volunteering at the Hope Distribution Center. Interviewed all the key people and edited a short video to engage new volunteers. The goal was the showcase the activities at the Distribution Center and introduce potential volunteers to their surroundings and tasks.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O41nOnkcOwI&t=3s

Innovation Center Promo Video

Innovation Center Promo Video Motion design and editing of this promotional video for a new Innovation Center in Des Moines. This was intentionally distributed without any sound to be played at Trade shows, background screens, and sales presentations. https://vimeo.com/207373412

Hotdog Peeler Demo Video

Hotdog Peeler Demo Video How do you peel 500 hotdogs in 2 minutes…you use 7 cameras and one run of hotdogs. This was the longest setups and the quickest shoots I’ve ever been on. https://vimeo.com/207373286

Marel Show Teaser Video

Marel Show Teaser Video We were setting up an email campaign with targeted invitations. This is a teaser video shot for distribution on our website landing page. It announces our upcoming in-house trade show.  https://vimeo.com/207373203

Seafood Weighing and Grading Video

Seafood Weighing and Grading Video This was a great project that took me up to Port Hardy, British Columbia…far up on the northern point of Vancouver Island. There is a salmon processing plant there that was built with many Marel products. Most notably, their weighing and grading systems. This video shows the start to finish […]