Cogistics T-shirt Design

This was a t-shirt design corporate SWAG. They wanted a shirt that would be reminiscent of the 70’s hotrod shirts. I also needed to incorporate the logistics idea, and since trucking is the majority of

BTC Distance Education Poster

This was part of a series of posters I created for this Distance Education Center on the campus of Montana State University. I had access to a NASA/JPL database of some of the most amazing

Cogistics Magazine Ad

This was the back cover of a regional sports magazine. The client was an official sponsor for the football team and wanted  something sports oriented. So I put their logo on a football and tried

HomePoint Financial: Email Templates

HomePoint Financial: Email Templates This client was looking for a refresh on their email template designs. They have a regular program of email automation with their clients and were looking to introduce something new. My

Illustrations: Cogistics Icons

These were used as a series of icons for their public facing website. They were also used in a variety of print applications, ads, mailers, billboards, CD designs, etc.

Dollar General Facebook Page

Dollar General Facebook Page Back in the day when Facebook was merely an young upstart site everyone wanted a customized Facebook page…and I have to tell you it was by far the WORST thing to

Cogistics Magazine Ad

Most trade publications are PACKED with ads and information, all jumbled together with everyone screaming their offers…much like newspaper advertising.  With this ad, we decided to play with negative space and attract the reader with

One Night Stand Poster

One of the posters from the best Kansas City film event…The One Night Stand. You have one day to write, shoot and edit a short film and then you must show it that night. More

Cogistics 52 Week Rolling Graph

Cogistics 52 Week Rolling Graph This is a Actionscript element that works within a client’s site. It pulls data from a database and feeds this Actionscript graph which then rebuilds and updates itself dynamically. The

Cogistics Website Redesign

Cogistics Website Redesign This was a full site redesign. It started with the public facing pages and included a larger secured section for their customers. Many of the Flash/Actionscript elements in the other section were

Touched – Movie Poster

This is the movie poster for an independent film entitled “Touched: Body, Soul & Credit Card”. It played nationally and when it premiered in Germany, the theater kept the poster to hang in their lobby

Caliber Home Loans: Site Designs

Caliber Home Loans: Site Designs This is one of those backwards projects, where it truly tests your flexibility.  So, the client walks in and wants multiple designs for a new website; an entire new online

Nuvio Folder Cover

This is the cover from a pocketed folder design used at most of our trade shows. The folder was part of our deliverables at the shows, and was consistent with all our other advertising efforts

CERES Project Website

CERES Project Website This is sort of my humorous post…half lame post…sort of proud of this post… I’m conflicted…after all, this was my first real website I designed and programmed. Actually, this was THE site

Blue Cross Blue Shield / Florida

Blue Cross Blue Shield / Florida These were a series of Actionscript banners that were dynamically driven to offer an insurance quote to the viewer without leaving the page they were currently on. Meaning, if

Cogsitics Visual Shipping Map

Cogistics Visual Shipping Map This was another element within a client’s full site offering for their customers. This map would dynamically build in Actionscript each time a customer logged in to their site. It would

Cinch Jeans App

Cinch Jeans App Designed an app for the National High School Rodeo and Cinch Jeans. I was going to program this in Actionscript but I got a new job just as I was about to