Caliber Home Loans: Site Designs

Caliber Home Loans: Site Designs

This is one of those backwards projects, where it truly tests your flexibility. 

So, the client walks in and wants multiple designs for a new website; an entire new online presence. Do they have time for all the proper steps of researching, questions, creating their consumer personaes? No, it’s all happening at once with several teams across the country.

My portion of this was to create a wide variety of design sketches, ideas for a new look and feel. I didn’t really have a solid wireframe yet, but I extrapolated from what they currently had and made some UX recommendations along with a wide variety of UI designs; all trying to fit within their corporate brand guidelines (which were also being updated as we worked). The first pitch included 10 different mock-ups, along with mobile responsive designs.

In the end, these were the top 3 chosen by the client’s team. From here they will be used by their internal marketing creatives and online team to build out their final online presence. 

UI Design / UX Design
Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe XD