Seafood Weighing and Grading Video

This was a great project that took me up to Port Hardy, British Columbia…far up on the northern point of Vancouver Island. There is a salmon processing plant there that was built with many Marel

OnTarget Web Animation

This is another website header animation. I made this to loop on the site without being too obnoxious upon repetition. It was all done in After Effects and then looped in a Flash player for web

Mr. Beap Goes to the Drive-Thru – Episode 3

Take one ordinary guy… Insert one ordinary V-Chip…in his brain, and you get…Mr Beap. In this episode Mr Beap has to deal with ordering a simple hamburger. Seriously, what could go wrong?https://vimeo.com/99957845

Dollar General Facebook Page

Back in the day when Facebook was merely an young upstart site everyone wanted a customized Facebook page…and I have to tell you it was by far the WORST thing to work on. Facebook had

Prayer Bus

I had to stare at these stickers to stop from looking out the window as we twisted through the mountains on one-lane roads. Cliffs up on one side, and straight down on the other.

Mr. Beap Goes to the Store – Episode 2

Take one ordinary guy… Insert one ordinary V-Chip…in his brain, and you get…Mr Beap. In this episode Mr Beap has to “patiently” deal with his local convenient store owner and a Darwin Award nominee.https://vimeo.com/99957847

MaxSpace Animated Intro

This was an animated into for several infomercials from this company. This was all done with Flash animation so the client could also use this easily on their website without any heavy video loads.https://vimeo.com/99955677

Hot 103 Jamz 30sec Spot

Well, this one was more fun. I like these 30sec spots better, more music oriented and brand conscious. I found some good music video sources and was able to match the audio sources.https://vimeo.com/18035416

Cogsitics Visual Shipping Map

This was another element within a client’s full site offering for their customers. This map would dynamically build in Flash/Actionscript each time a customer logged in to their site. It would pull from a database

Ferris Girls

It’s the super wheel that was keeping these girls waiting. Or was it their dates that were still trying to win them a stuffed animal?

Animated Gears

Check out what I made today. This is based on some stock artwork from my job. We’ve been using the photo image in all our online and print ads, but I needed an animated version

Insight Solutions Website

A new website design and build. This was designed and HTML programmed by me…it was only a couple of pages, but they had a course offering page that had an interesting Javascript accordion section.

PKD Foundation Animation

This was a short 5-sec intro for a fund-raising video they were having produced. I mocked up several ideas…this is the one they chose. This is an alternate version I produced to give them a

Hot 103 Jamz 15 sec TV Spot

So, don’t blame me for the logo…it was thrust upon me and I tried to animate it in the best possible manner. The audio tracks for these Hot 103 Jamz commercials was done by an

Custom Homes Made Easy

This was an intro header piece for a client website. I was sub-contracted by the web designer to create and animate an intro based on their script. I did the voice-over, 3D modeling and animation

Marel Show Teaser Video

We were setting up an email campaign with targeted invitations. This is a teaser video shot for distribution on our website landing page. It announces our upcoming in-house trade show.

Lonely Tree

Sometimes when you move away from the crowd you move out into deep water.

Cogistics Website Redesign

This was a full site redesign. It started with the public facing pages and included a larger secured section for their customers. Many of the Flash/Actionscript elements in the other section were used on this

Cogistics 52 Week Rolling Graph

This is a Flash/Actionscript element that works within a client’s site. It pulls data from a database and feeds this Flash/Actionscript graph which then rebuilds and updates itself dynamically. The live version does a database

Old Slavic Home

Generations had gone by and the memories had all been forgotten…when do you give up on something and just let it go?

Blue Cross Blue Shield / Florida

These were a series of Flash/Actionscript banners that were dynamically driven to offer an insurance quote to the viewer without leaving the page they were currently on. Meaning, if you were surfing on a Yahoo

Walmart Banners

Here are a few animated GIF banners I did for Walmart…way back in the day when the smiley face was still alive and kicking…

Innovation Center Promo Video

Motion design and editing of this promotional video for a new Innovation Center in Des Moines. This was intentionally distributed without any sound to be played at Trade shows, background screens, and sales presentations.

Flatland Shack

There are places on this planet that about as far away from another that you can get…and some of them are in the Dakotas.

CERES Project Website

This is sort of my humorous post…half lame post…sort of proud of this post… I’m conflicted…after all, this was my first real website I designed and programmed. Actually, this was THE site that I taught

Kansas City Time Lapse

These are a couple time lapse experiments in various locations around Kansas City. I also played around with depth of focus in After Effects.

Mr. Beap Gets Fired – Episode 1

Take one ordinary guy… Insert one ordinary V-Chip… in his brain, and you get… Mr Beap. In this episode Mr Beap is quickly introduced to “management speak”. All animation, voices, editing, and writing are done

Old Slavic Woman

The new world was encroaching on this part of the world. Each day she walks and works and struggles, while each day we surf more on the internet.

Visual Logistics App

This was a really cool application using several mapping apps and an Actionscript layer to dynamically display where a customer’s shipment would be at all times. The unique factor is that the customer would be

Volunteer Engagement Video

Spent the day volunteering at the Hope Distribution Center. Interviewed all the key people and edited a short video to engage new volunteers. The goal was the showcase the activities at the Distribution Center and

Dusting Crops

The phrase “bird on a wire” comes to mind…as he heeled over and dove for another pass.

Hotdog Peeler Demo Video

How do you peel 500 hotdogs in 2 minutes…you use 7 cameras and one run of hotdogs. This was the longest setups and the quickest shoots I’ve ever been on.

Cinch Jeans App

Designed an app for the National High School Rodeo and Cinch Jeans. I was going to program this in Actionscript but I got a new job just as I was about to start this project,