HomePoint Financial: Email Templates

HomePoint Financial: Email Templates This client was looking for a refresh on their email template designs. They have a regular program of email automation with their clients and were looking to introduce something new. My task was to present them with a wide variety of designs to choose from, and below are a few that […]

Caliber Home Loans: Site Designs

Caliber Home Loans: Site Designs This is one of those backwards projects, where it truly tests your flexibility.  So, the client walks in and wants multiple designs for a new website; an entire new online presence. Do they have time for all the proper steps of researching, questions, creating their consumer personaes? No, it’s all […]

Volunteer Engagement Video

Volunteer Engagement Video Spent the day volunteering at the Hope Distribution Center. Interviewed all the key people and edited a short video to engage new volunteers. The goal was the showcase the activities at the Distribution Center and introduce potential volunteers to their surroundings and tasks.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O41nOnkcOwI&t=3s

Innovation Center Promo Video

Innovation Center Promo Video Motion design and editing of this promotional video for a new Innovation Center in Des Moines. This was intentionally distributed without any sound to be played at Trade shows, background screens, and sales presentations. https://vimeo.com/207373412

Hotdog Peeler Demo Video

Hotdog Peeler Demo Video How do you peel 500 hotdogs in 2 minutes…you use 7 cameras and one run of hotdogs. This was the longest setups and the quickest shoots I’ve ever been on. https://vimeo.com/207373286

Marel Show Teaser Video

Marel Show Teaser Video We were setting up an email campaign with targeted invitations. This is a teaser video shot for distribution on our website landing page. It announces our upcoming in-house trade show.  https://vimeo.com/207373203

Seafood Weighing and Grading Video

Seafood Weighing and Grading Video This was a great project that took me up to Port Hardy, British Columbia…far up on the northern point of Vancouver Island. There is a salmon processing plant there that was built with many Marel products. Most notably, their weighing and grading systems. This video shows the start to finish […]

Flatland Shack

There are places on this planet that about as far away from another that you can get…and some of them are in the Dakotas.

Lonely Tree

Sometimes when you move away from the crowd you move out into deep water.